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New Classicist

As far as “being born old in a young world” (the source of which erudite commenter Dennis traces back to Alfred de Musset’s Rolla: “Je suis venu trop tard, dans un monde trop vieux”), I suppose that makes one a neo-classicist: too jaded to boast that the avant garde is avant and the nouvelle vague is nouvelle, and unwilling to adopt the pretense of having seemingly disposed of all prior influence.

“Neo-classicism” is just not as catchy as New Puritanism.

New Puritan

Hail the new puritan!
Righteous maelstrom
Cook one!
And all hardcore fiends will die by me
And all decadent sins will reap discipline
New puritan.
This is the grim reefer
The smack at the end of the straw
with a high grim quota
Your star Karma Jim
New Puritan.
The conventional is now experimental
The experimental is now conventional
It’s a dinosaur cackle
A pterodactyl cackle

The Fall

Mark Smith was always a Romantic. Update: I have been horribly ill and will return to posting soon.

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  1. Get well soon!

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