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David Auerbach’s Books of the Year 2022: Philosophy

This is the final list for 2022. There is some seriously important work here, particularly the translation of Hans Blumenberg’s late masterpiece The Readability of the World, which is as mind-expanding as the best of his work. (I believe only Hoehlenausgaenge only remains to be translated of his big books.) Just as much are the two new volumes of Myles Burnyeat’s papers, particularly the third’s extensive treatment of the Republic, in particular the long “Plato on Why Mathematics is Good for the Soul,” which marshals the best explanation I’ve read for just why studying pure, unapplied mathematics was so important to Plato (and why it is still important today). It’s a brilliant essay. And Catherine Wilson’s book is one of the best on Kant I’ve read in some time and is as strong as the rest of her work.

The Readability of the World (signale|TRANSFER: German Thought in Translation)
Blumenberg, Hans (Author), Savage, Robert (Translator), Roberts, David (Translator)
Cornell University Press and Cornell University Library

Kant and the Naturalistic Turn of 18th Century Philosophy
Wilson, Catherine (Author)
OUP Oxford

Explorations in Ancient and Modern Philosophy: Volume 3
Burnyeat, Myles (Author)
Cambridge University Press

Explorations in Ancient and Modern Philosophy: Volume 4
Burnyeat, Myles (Author)
Cambridge University Press

Plato's Second Republic: An Essay on the Laws
Laks, André (Author)
Princeton University Press

What's the Use of Philosophy?
Kitcher, Philip (Author)
Oxford University Press

Johann Friedrich Herbart: Grandfather of Analytic Philosophy
Beiser, Frederick C. (Author)
OUP Oxford

Romantic Empiricism: Nature, Art, and Ecology from Herder to Humboldt
Nassar, Dalia (Author)
Oxford University Press

Pico della Mirandola on Trial: Heresy, Freedom, and Philosophy
Copenhaver, Brian (Author)
Oxford University Press

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