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Christmas Cheer from Carl Barks and Donald Duck

A few happy memories from childhood, courtesy of the most fatalistic comic books ever written for children. First a bit from a censored story, “Silent Night,” written in 1945 but never published until 1981:

The story culminates in Donald being forced to sing carols at the top of his lungs while being electrocuted by a cattle prod.

Next, a Christmas tale of dueling steam shovels, “A Letter to Santa.” I love Scrooge’s quip to the judge.


  1. What about escape from bear mountain???

  2. Heh, that second one rings a bell!! happy Christmas to you too, David.

  3. I think Barks recycled some of the first example’s artwork. There’s one where Donald and his nephews are in holidays in Hondorica(?) and Donald attempts to serenade a local lady sitting at a balcony. She turns out to be a wax dummy and the villain turns out to be the Duckburg consul.

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