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Ludvik Vaculik

As soon as you set down cognition in writing, it ceases to be true, for the vectors of truth have changed. There can be no fixed cognition, there is only an unbounded continuum of cognition, which keeps changing as it flows from mind to mind, and an uninterrupted continuum of subject and object. I am on the Earth –> I am the Earth –> I am the Sun…There is thus no idealism or materialism, because there is no reason for them in the phenomena which they attempt to explain. But there are butterflies pinned down in a poisonous box.

Just think! Give the same piece of information to a number of thinkers, and what happens? Each of them will present you with a different philosophy, since each had a mother and she either breast-fed him or not. And then he was either allowed to go to London or not. Schools of philosophy and influences? Yes, but also stomachs (ability to conform to regimes), penises (ability to create alternatives to revolution) and, last but not least, patience. The philosophy of a bald philosopher will differ from that of a bearded one as does bread from different bakers, even though they use the same flour.

“My Philosophers”

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