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Nikolai Leskov: The Enchanted Wanderer

I only heard of Leskov recently (Irving Howe and Walter Benjamin both wrote about him, so perhaps this is my fault), and I can’t understand why he isn’t better known in English. Leskov may not […]

May, 05

Walser on Kleist

A different side of Walser altogether: What he writes makes him grimace: his creations miscarry. Toward autumn he is taken ill. He is amazed at the gentleness which now comes over him. His sister travels […]

Sep, 28

Hugo von Hofmannsthal: An Incident…

Oct, 14

Gabriel Josipovici: In a Hotel Garden

Jan, 10

A la Fin Du Temps Perdu

I’ll try not to give away too much here, but the multiyear Proust reading has come to an end, even if the blog hasn’t. Since this isn’t an in-depth analysis but only my own reaction […]

Oct, 04

Gabriel Josipovici on Grimm and Kleist

Aug, 05

Proust FAQ

Why Proust? I wanted to keep a journal of reading some sizeable book that I hadn’t yet read, and ROTP is at the top of the list of books I want to have read. Whether […]

Dec, 07


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