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davidheadshotI live in New York with several thousand books. I am a writer and software engineer. I have contributed to the Times Literary Supplement, The Nation, n+1, Bookforum, Triple Canopy, The Quarterly Conversation, and elsewhere.

Literature and philosophy are my two loves but I try to supplement them with healthy, empirical doses of reality.

See also My Life in Books, The First 30 Years.

I am always happy to hear from readers: Please write to [email protected].


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Dichotomies are best in large quantities. I am:

  • an enthusiast, not a critic
  • visceral, not rarefied
  • conceptual, not aesthetic
  • aural, not visual
  • formal, not verbal
  • a holist, not an atomist
  • an empiricist, not a theoretician
  • a pluralist, not a dogmatist
  • loyal, not fickle
  • abstract, not concrete
  • grandiose, not subtle
  • synthetic, not ingenious
  • understanding, not explanatory
  • a participant, not an oracle
  • a skeptic, not a believer
  • a wag, not a priest

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  1. Dear Mr Auerbach, I looked you up because I am very much enjoying your review article in TLS on Denis Diderot. I notice from a very cursory look at Waggish that you are interested in many writers and ideas that I am myself, including Kafka and James Joyce. I shall endeavour to probe your many topics in due course. Best wishes to you in all your endeavours. For the moment, I’m afraid, this is all I have to say. Yours sincerely, Rod Eley 18/4 Gladstone Terrace, Edinburgh, EH9 1LS, Scotland, UK

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