Hegel and Stoicism

I quote Hume and I have nothing more to say. I quote Hegel and I have a lot more to say, and not just because Hegel is something of a bete noire for me: The […]

Jan, 24

Otto Dix’s Doctors

The Met’s “Glitter and Doom” exhibit (I know, sounds like a Barnaby Jones episode) isn’t as impressive as the Dada one at MOMA last year, but I still got a kick out of it. I […]

Jan, 13

Kafka: Diogenes

Diogenes In my case one can imagine three circles, an innermost one, A, then B, then C. The core A explains to B why this man must torment and mistrust himself, why he must renounce, […]

Jan, 01

Choose Your Own Philosophical Adventure #1: Escape from the Dialectic

[To ring in the new year, we bring you excerpts from Escape from the Dialectic, by Erica Weitzman.] p. 56: “The Body without Organs?!” you exclaim. “What’s that?” Gilles and FĂ©lix give each other a […]

Jan, 01


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