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Five Love Songs

(Hi Dan.)

Robyn Hitchcock: Birds in Perspex

Muzsikas: Régen volt, soká lesz

Laughing Clowns: Eternally Yours

Rollerskate Skinny: Speed to My Side

Tindersticks: Chilitetime (those to whom it’s relevant know the significance of this one)


  1. Very timely.
    Ed Kuepper (ex-Laughing Clowns) is playing in Melbourne this week.

  2. hi david.

    you’re reminding me to seek out some of those old rollerskate skinny records…

  3. Hi Genevieve—I don’t think I’ll be able to make it down there in time. Too bad; I like most of what Kuepper’s done over the last 30 years. Honey Steel’s Gold is a classic.

    Dan: Horsedrawn Wishes is pretty great, and available for $3 at a used cd store near you.

  4. New Tindersticks coming in April.

    At the risk of accusation of blogwhoring, I posted the first single here:


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