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No art without art, no text without text.

  1. No mention of institutional affiliation.
  2. No discussion of the publishing industry.
  3. No discussion of academia or academic careers.
  4. No attacks on critical theory.
  5. No arguments with or over print media.
  6. No blog triumphalism.
  7. No “literary” vs. “non-literary” classifications.
  8. No arguments from authority.
  9. No false objectivity.
  10. No aping of academic prose styles.
  11. No aping of popular prose styles.
  12. No smugness.
  13. No discussion of this manifesto.

[Thanks to EW for the title and JBF for the runner-up.]


  1. Philosophy of Waggish? I don’t know what to make of these rules.

  2. Attention all commenters on this post: you are in violation of rule #13 and will be summarily deleted.
    Except for me. Because this is a meta-comment. Meta-commenters allowed.

  3. since when is an affirmation a discussion?

  4. In avoiding Rule 13, any such affirmation would be forced to violate Rule 12 and possibly Rule 8.

    This analysis is offered with the caveat that it violates Rule 9.

  5. I propose: #14. No nostalgia about the “smell of books” or laments about the decline of reading.

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