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Epictetus’ Epigraph to Tristram Shandy

Ταρασσει τοὐϚ Ἀνϑρώπους οὐ τὰ Πράγματα, αλλα τὰ περι τῶν Πραγμάτων, Δογματα. It  is  not  events [pragmata] themselves that  trouble  people, but  their  judgements [dogmata] about those circumstances. Epictetus, Handbook 5 Pretty funny in context. The […]

Jan, 23

The Sickest I’ve Been in Years

There’s that wonderful illness that incapacitates you from all responsibilities and just leaves you to lay in bed thinking about the most interesting things with just enough strength to pick up the books at your […]

Nov, 13

Oulipo Postscript: Because They’re There

Mar, 13

Oulipo Tangent: Milorad Pavic

Mar, 08

Case Histories, Alexander Kluge

Jan, 24


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