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John Marston and Joshua Sylvester: Renaissance Rewriting

John Marston was one of the nastier Renaissance playwrights, and his lack of restraint eventually appears to have gotten him in so much trouble that he had to leave the stage altogether and enter the […]

Oct, 25
What is the purpose of Shakespeare's silly and cynical "tragedy' Troilus and Cressida? It is ultimately a rejoinder to cynicism.

Shakespeare’s Sick, Twisted Troilus and Cressida

What is the purpose of Shakespeare’s silly and cynical “tragedy’ Troilus and Cressida? It is ultimately a rejoinder to cynicism.

Sep, 18

Euripides’ Bacchae: Two Boys at Play

The Bacchae has a reputation as Euripides’ greatest play. It’s hard for me to say. Even for a wildly eccentric and subversive playwright like Euripides, it is very odd. It was one of his very last plays, […]

Feb, 26

Quantitative Methods in Literary Criticism: Franco Moretti and Brian Vickers

The million-fold increase in computing power over the last few decades has made possible types of quantitative analysis that were previously available only to rulers with access to large amounts of menial but highly precise […]

Feb, 20

German Phrase of the Day: eines Echtheitskusses Unangekränkeltheitsdruck

eines Echtheitskusses Unangekränkeltheitsdruck the non-sicklied-o’er pressure of an authenticity-laden kiss (tr. Susan Bernofsky) Robert Walser uses this phrase in his wonderful short story “A Kind of Cleopatra,” available in his collection of Microscripts. According to Bernofsky, Walser’s […]

Sep, 02

Keir Elam: Shakespearean Without Taste

J.W. Lever’s Arden edition of Measure for Measure was a great help to me when I was writing that last post, and his, ahem, measured prose made for pleasant reading. Now I’m going to pick on Keir […]

Jul, 24

Shakespeare’s Sick, Twisted Measure for Measure

Measure for Measure is a sick and disturbing play. Every change Shakespeare made to the source material, including the shift from tragedy to comedy, made it even more twisted. It’s never a good idea to […]

Jul, 22


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