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Genese Grill's study of The Man Without Qualities provides a guide through the mystical "Other Condition" in the elusive latter portions of Robert Musil's modernist novel.

The World as Metaphor in Musil’s The Man Without Qualities

Genese Grill’s study of The Man Without Qualities provides a guide through the mystical “Other Condition” in the elusive latter portions of Robert Musil’s modernist novel.

Jan, 30

More Carnap and Some Raymond Smullyan

Rudolf Carnap, what a card. Eric Schliesser sums it up with a reference to Carnap’s infamous “The Elimination of Metaphysics“: In the history of philosophy, “the nothing itself nothings,” has, of course, a dubious status as […]

Oct, 08

Ernst Cassirer, Heidegger, and the Pitfall of Being Reasonable (or: Fashionable Radicalism)

What of Ernst Cassirer? Hans Sluga wrote a few months ago: Cassirer does not get close in stature to the much more problematic Heidegger, and he certainly also lacks the philosophical radicalism of a Wittgenstein, […]

Aug, 27

Ernst Cassirer and the Philosophy of Symbolic Forms: A Teaser

Ernst Cassirer was rather evidently a genius, and Michael Friedman’s summary of his magnum opus The Philosophy of Symbolic Forms makes me want to go through his work comprehensively, as soon as I have a […]

Jul, 05

Who Is a Continental Philosopher?

In the debate over continental philosophy a few posts back, there was some question as to which philosophers fell under the rubric of continental philosophy. In the eyes of many observers, indeed, a certain strain […]

Apr, 05

Michael Rosen on Derrida

From Leiter’s blog, Michael Rosen (who wrote the excellent On Voluntary Servitude, a book I would write about if it weren’t so dense that it’d require a huge amount of time to treat it) talks […]

Jan, 23

Donald Philip Verene: Knowledge of Things Actual And Divine

I would feel a lot better about this book if it lost its subtitle. The full title is Knowledge of Things Actual And Divine: Vico’s New Science and Finnegans Wake, but this book is an […]

May, 06


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