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John Marston and Joshua Sylvester: Renaissance Rewriting

John Marston was one of the nastier Renaissance playwrights, and his lack of restraint eventually appears to have gotten him in so much trouble that he had to leave the stage altogether and enter the […]

Oct, 25

Barbara Comyns: The Vet’s Daughter

I have sort of an unwritten rule to avoid talking too much about beginnings of books, because I think people focus on them as an excuse for short attention spans. I’ll easily sacrifice the first […]

Mar, 06

Dennis Potter: Blue Remembered Hills

I was thinking about this old tv play (available entirely on youtube, hooray) in connection with two other old French films about childhood that I recently saw, Naked Childhood and My Little Loves. As much […]

Nov, 17

The Books on the (Finnegans) Wake

I was asked today about contemporary reaction to Finnegans Wake when it was published, and I had to say that I didn’t think that there was much of one. Borges dismissed it as incomprehensible while […]

Jun, 04

Bohumil Hrabal: Too Loud a Solitude

Jun, 27

Bohumil Hrabal: I Served the King of England

Mar, 20

Thomas Frank: What’s the Matter with Kansas?

Jan, 09


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