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The Structure of University Education

We’ve gotta do it right Within this system Gonna take over But within this system Chicago, “It Better End Soon,” as quoted by Lester Bangs It seems I’m late to the party over The Life […]

Mar, 20

Zukofsky on Joyce

But not those two. The recent hubbub about Paul Zukofsky’s rather stringent views of copyright and distaste for studying his people’s work must be awfully inconvenient for those unlucky enough to be studying him, because […]

Dec, 27

Richard Rorty, 1931-2007

Here I was about to write on Dante, and I hear that Rorty has passed away. Rorty is such a paradoxical and multifaceted figure that his death gives me cause to ponder my own philosophical […]

Jun, 09


No art without art, no text without text. No mention of institutional affiliation. No discussion of the publishing industry. No discussion of academia or academic careers. No attacks on critical theory. No arguments with or […]

May, 09

A Note on Hierarchy

Apr, 09

Paul Craig Roberts on the Neocons

Feb, 29

Dwight Macdonald’s “Masscult and Midcult”

Dec, 01


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