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Novalis: Monologue

The excellent piece on Novalis in this week’s TLS quoted a bit of his brilliant Monolog, and it’s short enough I figured I’d just post the whole thing here: Speaking and writing is a crazy […]

Jun, 19

Chateau d’Argol by Julien Gracq

Gracq’s somewhat decadent, very┬ásymbolist French novel from 1938 reads like a cross between Borges and Cocteau. In telling the story of a trio of youths, two men and one women, who live out an erotic […]

Jul, 16

The Deflation of Romanticism in Alexander Kuprin’s The Duel

Kuprin wrote this novel based on his own experiences in the army in the 1890s, about a sensitive man not cut out for the mechanistic and emotionally brutal army life. It is not a masterpiece […]

Apr, 15


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