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What’s Missing from Finnegans Wake

Aug, 18

Inquest on Left-Brained Literature

Excuse me while I get all Franco Moretti on you readers here. I work among engineers, and many of them are voracious readers who, nonetheless, have little connection to any prevailing literary trends. Rather, there […]

Jun, 25

Bela Tarr: Satantango [2]

(Also see Part 1.) The story is always a part of the image. In my vocabulary, story doesn’t mean the same thing it means in American film language. There are human stories, natural stories, all […]

Jan, 17

Keiho Oguri: Sting of Death

Oct, 18

Albert O. Hirschman: The Passions and the Interests

Subtitled Political Arguments for Capitalism before Its Triumph, this is one of those econ books, like Polanyi and Schumpeter, that grabbed me by taking a historiographical approach to thinkers past. It’s a short book and […]

Aug, 17

Gabriel Josipovici on Grimm and Kleist

Aug, 05

Or Lay Myself Down By Sorrow’s Side

Aug, 02


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