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From A.R. Luria’s The Mind of a Mnemonist

The Mind of a Mnemonist is about an otherwise ordinary man, S., with an extreme eidetic memory, able to remember completely random strings of numbers and characters for years on end. Though he sometimes omits […]

Sep, 24

The Cap of Hearing

We might add, perhaps, that the ego wears a ‘cap of hearing’–on one side only, as we learn from cerebral anatomy. It might be said to wear it awry.Freud, “The Ego and the Id”

Sep, 20

Further Last Thoughts on Roberto Bolano’s 2666

The last section is about Archimboldi, the mysterious writer who the academics were chasing after way back at the start of the book, and who has not been of much significance since then. Bolano explicitly […]

Jul, 09

Peirce on William James

His comprehension of men to the very core was most wonderful. Who, for example, could be of a nature so different from his as I? He so concrete, so living; I a mere table of […]

Sep, 14

from Jose Donoso

The fact remains that Wenceslao, like my other children, is an emblematic figure: the most memorable, perhaps, of a number of boys and girls who, as in a Poussin painting, caper in the foreground, untraceable […]

Jun, 06

Aeneid Psychology

And Nisus says: “Euryalus, is it the gods who put this fire in our minds, or is it that each man’s relentless longing becomes a god to him? Long has my heart been keen for […]

Apr, 20

The Fall and Romanticism

K-Punk’s wonderful series on the aesthetics of Mark E. Smith and the Fall is wonderful nostalgia for any of us who spent months or years obsessed with Smith’s verbal acuity and ruminated over the cryptic […]

Apr, 09


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