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The Structure of University Education

We’ve gotta do it right Within this system Gonna take over But within this system Chicago, “It Better End Soon,” as quoted by Lester Bangs It seems I’m late to the party over The Life […]

Mar, 20

Something about Israel and Palestine

Quoted without comment from Agha and Malley’s Three Men in a Boat, published in 2003, other than that this section has stayed with me in the years since it was published and still seems applicable: […]

Mar, 14

J.M. Coetzee: Summertime

We have been here before, albeit in different forms. Almost without exception, Coetzee’s work from Elizabeth Costello on has been concerned with the role of authors and authorship, not only of fiction but of memoirs […]

Feb, 17

Dostoevsky’s Sequel

James L. Rice in the TLS clues us in to the unwritten second half of The Brothers Karamazov, which sounds like it would have been a good deal better than Gogol’s disappointing sequel to Dead […]

Jan, 16

Russian Revolution Quotes

Some great quotes from Orlando Figes’ history of the Russian Revolution (endorsed by Communist Eric Hobsbawm, no less!). Oh, how [the Soviet leaders of the February 1917 revolution] feared the masses! As I watched our […]

Dec, 29

Three Versions of Conservatism

Reductionistic Framework Alert! Since “conservatism” has had such bizarre associations in the United States for a long time now, I thought I’d give brief accounts of the three breeds that I most often think of […]

Dec, 12

Blumenberg and Husserl

Durkheim (not that one) wrote about my account of Blumenberg: I think that Blumenberg is much more positive about the modern age than you suggest. Indeed, one might even compare his remarks on science – […]

Oct, 24


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