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Charles Sanders Peirce

I am a man of whom critics have never found anything good to say. When they could see no opportunity to injure me, they have held their peace. The little laudation I have had has […]

Oct, 29

Sellars on Following a Rule

The key to the concept of a linguistic rule is its complex relation to pattern-governed linguistic behavior. The general concept of pattern governed behavior is a familiar one. Roughly it is the concept of behavior […]

Oct, 05

Richard Rorty, 1931-2007

Here I was about to write on Dante, and I hear that Rorty has passed away. Rorty is such a paradoxical and multifaceted figure that his death gives me cause to ponder my own philosophical […]

Jun, 09

Kira Muratova: The Asthenic Syndrome

Mar, 06

Correspondence vs. Metaphysics

Mar, 05

The Art of C.S. Peirce

Nov, 26

Richard Rorty: You were asking me what the definition of irony was…

Jan, 22


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