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Stefan Zweig

Paul Raymont reacted to Michael Hofmann’s incredibly nasty attack on Stefan Zweig by resolving to read more Zweig. I don’t particularly want to defend Zweig, but going after his suicide note was really a bit […]

Jan, 27

Michael Haneke: The White Ribbon

I do not have to pay $3.50 to find out what it feels like to be a Jew.      George S. Kaufman on Gentleman’s Agreement I do not like Michael Haneke. I do not like his […]

Jan, 09

Miklos Jancso: God Walks Backwards

Nov, 13

Ilya Khrzhanovsky: 4 (Chetyre)

The allegorical idea of the movie is simple: how we treat each other like meat, and how we procreate to generate more meat to exploit. Cloning, piles of rag dolls, dogs, and large warehouses of […]

Apr, 20

Entertainment Through Stomach-aches: Suicide, Keith Rowe, Masayuki Takayanagi

Apr, 19


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