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Dante at the River Lethe, Memory and Forgetting

The end of Purgatorio is my favorite part of the entire Divine Comedy, perhaps because it’s the point at which there seems to be the greatest human drama, the greatest sense of a story that […]

May, 06

After the Sophomore’s Work

This doesn’t really bother me emotionally, but I think it’s a pretty dangerous fallacy to say that as you get older, things don’t hit you the way they did when you were younger. I hear […]

Sep, 07

Birthday Cheer from Laura Riding

Growth The change of self in wide address of self To use of self in the kind wideness Of sense-experience: this loses, Though memory has One lasting integration– The steady growth of death. And so […]

Dec, 03

From A.R. Luria’s The Mind of a Mnemonist

The Mind of a Mnemonist is about an otherwise ordinary man, S., with an extreme eidetic memory, able to remember completely random strings of numbers and characters for years on end. Though he sometimes omits […]

Sep, 24

William Empson: Let it go

Let it go It is this deep blankness is the real thing strange.  The more things happen to you the more you can’t   Tell or remember even what they were. The contradictions cover such a […]

Sep, 11

Holiday Cheer from Eduard von Hartmann

Combining Hegel, Schopenhauer, and Mill, he gives us the best-case scenario: The second condition of the possibility of victory is that the consciousness of mankind be penetrated by the folly of volition and the misery […]

Jan, 07

Poulet’s Quotes

From Georges Poulet’s Studies in Human Time. Poulet’s analysis tends towards paraphrase, but he digs up amazing quotes. The soul is afraid…in seeing that each moment snatches from her the enjoyment of her good, and […]

Aug, 07


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