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Roberto Bolaño: Amulet

Several people asked me why, in my review of The Savage Detectives, I thought that Auxilio Lacouture was not given a convincing female voice. I didn’t know exactly why, but something about her tough talk […]

Apr, 26

Roberto Bolaño: The Savage Detectives

Q: You are Chilean, Spanish or Mexican? A: I am Latin American. (Roberto Bolaño) This is a long book–too long, in fact–but it makes its point. Bolano, who died a few years back as a […]

Apr, 15

David Grossman: See Under: Love

Aug, 30

pica on Roberto Bolano

Aug, 18

Roberto Bolano: By Night in Chile

There is not much overlap these days between the worlds of literature and politics. The president is illiterate, only ever referring to a couple of books, and even the marginalized theoreticians do not have a […]

Feb, 19

Three Versions of Politics

Jan, 03

Whiteness Theory

Jan, 12


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