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Montaigne: Apology for Raymond Sebond

For a reputedly humanistic and temperate philosophy, the Apology [sic] for Raymond Sebond comes off as one of the most intemperate of Montaigne’s essays. He works himself into a frenzy of attack against all claims […]

Nov, 01

Blumenberg and Husserl

Durkheim (not that one) wrote about my account of Blumenberg: I think that Blumenberg is much more positive about the modern age than you suggest. Indeed, one might even compare his remarks on science – […]

Oct, 24

Hans Blumenberg Cheat Sheet

This is a quick attempt to summarize Blumenberg’s positions on some of the main pre-modern thinkers he treats. Corrections welcome. Platonism: Knowledge = happiness = justice. Elitist guardians possess greatest amounts of all three. Knowledge […]

Sep, 09

Hans Blumenberg: Former Reflections Enduring Doubt

The Legitimacy of the Modern Age covers a lot of ground, but one of the central theses, and the one that bears little resemblance to most prior theories of history, is this one: The modern […]

Sep, 06

Hans Blumenberg’s Dichotomies

Having just finished The Legitimacy of the Modern Age, I made a list of some of the dichotomies he treats. There are a lot of them, and the major headache of the book came from […]

Aug, 26

Bessie Head: A Question of Power

I own a first edition of this book (thank you Roanoke City Public Library), and though it has an excellent cover painting which is strikingly apt, the jacket text and two blurbs (by Alice Walker […]

Mar, 21

David B.: Two Stories

Aug, 27


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