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Freud on the Uncanny/Unheimlich

The uncanny as it is depicted in literature, in stories and imaginative productions, merits in truth a separate discussion. Above all, it is a much more fertile province than the uncanny in real life, for […]

Apr, 24

Otto Mühl

The life and times of Viennese Actionist Otto Mühl, short version. In 1970 Otto Mühl founded a commune in Vienna. The experiment was an offshoot of the ‘Aktionismus’, a Viennese version of the happenings in […]

Feb, 22

What’s Missing from Finnegans Wake

Aug, 18

Samuel Delany: The Motion of Light in Water

Nov, 06

Or Lay Myself Down By Sorrow’s Side

Aug, 02

Brett Bourbon: Finding a Replacement for the Soul, cont.

Mar, 27

Sci-Fi Novels for Liberals

Feb, 23


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