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Bill Douglas: My Ain Folk

This is the second part of Douglas’s three-part trilogy about his childhood, and generally the best known, though the whole thing has now been released on DVD. It’s black and white, stark, restrained, and depressing. […]

Jul, 10

Jules Feiffer: Backing Into Forward, A Memoir

There is no mention of I Want to Go Home in this book.1 Tantrum ____________________ 1 As much as I love Feiffer’s drawing, The Great Comic Book Heroes, and Little Murders, there has always seemed […]

Mar, 09

Michael Haneke: The White Ribbon

I do not have to pay $3.50 to find out what it feels like to be a Jew.      George S. Kaufman on Gentleman’s Agreement I do not like Michael Haneke. I do not like his […]

Jan, 09

Matthew Wilder on Renata Adler on Pauline Kael

Absolutely the best moment of the dustup when Renata Adler nitpicked Pauline Kael to death (or at least to boredom). February 5, 1981 To the Editors: I am writing to protest in the strongest possible […]

Jan, 06

Jean Eustache: Mes petites amoureuses

Childhood, says the Children’s Encyclopaedia, is a time of innocent joy, to be spent in the meadows amid buttercups and bunny-rabbits or at the hearthside absorbed in a storybook. It is a vision of childhood […]

Nov, 19

Dennis Potter: Blue Remembered Hills

I was thinking about this old tv play (available entirely on youtube, hooray) in connection with two other old French films about childhood that I recently saw, Naked Childhood and My Little Loves. As much […]

Nov, 17

Peter Greenaway: From “The Falls”

Erhaus Bewler Falluper Whilst acknowledging his output, Falluper’s detractors accused him of manufacturing fictions and deliberately confusing identities. He was also accused of not knowing the difference between a good joke and a bad one. […]

Oct, 30


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