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The Waste of Spirit in an Expense of Shame

I see Steve Mitchelmore of This Space has called this blog a pile of shit. (I let his Twitter trackback through.) A few years back it probably would have stung me rather sharply, but now […]

Jan, 30

Battle Lines

Reductionistic Framework Alert! I recently ran across an old essay by Lisp expert, venture capitalist, and general software guru Paul Graham. Graham is a very sharp person and his Lisp books are excellent, but he […]

Jan, 02

William Ian Miller on Academic Aristocracy

(Or why graduate school may be counterproductive in preparing one for not entering the academy.) The story is an old one: the seller and his quest for money was believed to dissolve values, status, and […]

Nov, 09

Ah Cheng on Writing

Great interview. Oriental Outlook: But we haven’t seen you write any commercial films. Ah Cheng: The directors haven’t asked me to. If they asked me, I’d do it. But would the movie sell? It’s not […]

Nov, 03

History’s Bunk Pt DCVII

From the October 15 TLS. Michael Whitby quietly undermines the anthology he’s reviewing, Makers of Ancient Strategy, which purports to relate strategy then and now: Inevitably, some essays work better than others. In part this […]

Oct, 25

Jose Donoso: The Garden Next Door

This is a late novel by Donoso, and it bears very little resemblance to anything else I’ve read by him. The Obscene Bird of Night and A House in the Country are two of the […]

Sep, 15

Gene Wolfe Challenge Won!

I’ve been tardy in mentioning it, but a reader going by the sobriquet “Dave Tallman” has posted a very convincing explanation of Gene Wolfe’s cryptic Seven American Nights, and in doing so has answered the […]

Aug, 10


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