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The Structure of University Education

We’ve gotta do it right Within this system Gonna take over But within this system Chicago, “It Better End Soon,” as quoted by Lester Bangs It seems I’m late to the party over The Life […]

Mar, 20

Georg Simmel on Love

During the first stages of the relationship there is a great temptation, both in marriage and in marriage-like free love, to let oneself be completely absorbed by the other, to send the last reserves of […]

Dec, 15

from Jose Donoso

The fact remains that Wenceslao, like my other children, is an emblematic figure: the most memorable, perhaps, of a number of boys and girls who, as in a Poussin painting, caper in the foreground, untraceable […]

Jun, 06

Thoughts on Work

Marjorie Williams wrote that Christina Stead was one of the few authors to write accurately and thoroughly of money: One other (random) thing I want to note is how wonderfully Stead writes about money. It […]

May, 15

Correspondence vs. Metaphysics

Mar, 05

American Writers of the 1950′s

Apr, 21

C. Wright Mills: The Malaise of Anticipation

Attempts to reinstate the old emphasis on the power of man’s intelligence to control his destiny have not been taken up by American intellectuals, spurred as they are by new worries, seeking as they are […]

Mar, 16


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