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C.D. Darlington, Sociobiology, and Reductionism in the Sciences

I recently ran across Hugh Kenner’s 1970 review of geneticist C.D. Darlington’s book The Evolution of Man and Society (1969). Darlington had done important work in genetics in the 1930s, but had revealed a penchant […]

Jul, 24

Hans Blumenberg and His Myth Science Arkestra

I have an new article out at ReadySteadyBook:┬áHans Blumenberg and His Myth Science Arkestra. I tried to give a reasonably concise introduction to his work. There are many nuances and complications that I left out, […]

Jul, 13

From Robert Musil’s Diaries, 1919

I do not ever know if it is my good spirit or my evil spirit that speaks these words within me. But it simply has to get out. Since I awoke to life I have […]

May, 20


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