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Hermann Broch: Geist und Zeitgeist

This essay was written in 1934: Broch is in Austria and Germany, the world is falling apart around him, and he places the blame on positivism? (He means it in the secularist sense, and he […]

Mar, 09


An example of figure-ground reversal: Modernist art might even be defined by a loss of audience or loss of trust between audience and artist (as Cavell has famously suggested), making the question of trust, fraud, […]

Sep, 06


For many years I loved to trace back to this isolated event, of which I know no more than I have set down, a number of the emotions that have patterned themselves over the subsequent […]

Jul, 29


Sep, 16

Carl Schmitt

Jun, 11

wood s lot Musil Special

Nov, 07


Apr, 09


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