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Genese Grill's study of The Man Without Qualities provides a guide through the mystical "Other Condition" in the elusive latter portions of Robert Musil's modernist novel.

The World as Metaphor in Musil’s The Man Without Qualities

Genese Grill’s study of The Man Without Qualities provides a guide through the mystical “Other Condition” in the elusive latter portions of Robert Musil’s modernist novel.

Jan, 30

One Line from Hamlet

When Stephen spins an elaborate yarn in Ulysses about Hamlet, Shakespeare, Shakespeare’s father and son, and all manner of other things, a yarn that has a little to do with Shakespeare and a lot to […]

Dec, 26

Blumenberg’s Metaphorology

Two new Hans Blumenberg books are out in English translation, both short: Paradigms for a Metaphorology (and Care Crosses the River (1987). The second one is more aphoristic than anything else I’ve read by him […]

Sep, 09

Proust on Homesickness

For a neurotic nature such as mine–one, that is to say, in which the intermediaries, the nerves, perform their functions badly, fail to arrest on its way to consciousness, allow indeed to reach it, distinct, […]

Jun, 01

Zukofsky on Joyce

But not those two. The recent hubbub about Paul Zukofsky’s rather stringent views of copyright and distaste for studying his people’s work must be awfully inconvenient for those unlucky enough to be studying him, because […]

Dec, 27

Divine Captives

Summoned up by seeing Martha Argerich play recently: In that way Vinteuil’s phrase, like some theme, say, in Tristan, which represents to us also a certain emotional accretion, had espoused our mortal state, had endued […]

Oct, 13

Celine on Proust

Proust, who was half ghost, immersed himself with extraordinary tenacity in the infinitely watery futility of the rites and procedures that entwine the members of high society, those denizens of the void, those phantoms of […]

May, 25


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