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On Thomas M. Disch

An article of mine on The Prescient Science Fiction of Thomas M. Disch has been published by The Millions. Thomas M. Disch (1940-2008) was a brilliant, ornery, and greatly American writer. He was best known […]

Apr, 02

Matthew Wilder on Renata Adler on Pauline Kael

Absolutely the best moment of the dustup when Renata Adler nitpicked Pauline Kael to death (or at least to boredom). February 5, 1981 To the Editors: I am writing to protest in the strongest possible […]

Jan, 06

Birthday Cheer from Laura Riding

Growth The change of self in wide address of self To use of self in the kind wideness Of sense-experience: this loses, Though memory has One lasting integration– The steady growth of death. And so […]

Dec, 03

William Bronk: There Is Ignorant Silence in the Center of Things

Because it is that gloomy sort of week: There Is Ignorant Silence in the Center of Things What am I saying? What have I got to say? As though I knew. But I don’t. I […]

Sep, 21

William Bronk: In Contempt of Worldliness

In Contempt of Worldliness Granted it may be true as is said, is as, ourselves, we make it, or granted if you want, there’s no place else for us, but even so, isn’t it right […]

Sep, 20

William Empson: Let it go

Let it go It is this deep blankness is the real thing strange.  The more things happen to you the more you can’t   Tell or remember even what they were. The contradictions cover such a […]

Sep, 11

An Interview with Lisa Samuels on Laura Riding and Poetry (Part 3)

Lisa Samuels edited and wrote an extensive introduction for the University of California Press 2001 reprint of Laura Riding’s 1928 collection of essays and stories, Anarchism Is Not Enough. Lisa has also published three books […]

Sep, 21


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