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Galen Strawson, Buddhist Philosophy, and Radical Self-Awareness

The recent intersection of analytic philosophy and philosophical Buddhism has been a very heartening sign for me. Not only does it move the discussion away from what I’ve always felt to be the dead-end of […]

Sep, 09

Nagarjuna’s List of 119 Auspicious Mental Events

This list is given as part of a posited rebuttal to Nagarjuna’s position that mental events are without substance, part of the general theory of emptiness that is part of the Buddhist Madhyamaka philosophy. People […]

Aug, 12

Rudolf Carnap: Win the Future

Rudolf Carnap, arch-positivist and analytic philosopher sine qua non, was also a committed socialist and pacifist, to the point of having to flee Austria in 1935 despite not being Jewish. This passage is from the […]

Aug, 05

Hans Blumenberg and His Myth Science Arkestra

I have an new article out at ReadySteadyBook:┬áHans Blumenberg and His Myth Science Arkestra. I tried to give a reasonably concise introduction to his work. There are many nuances and complications that I left out, […]

Jul, 13

Crispin Wright’s Philosophical Ramblings

As a fund-raising benefit for the┬áNorthern Institute for Philosophy at Aberdeen, heavy-duty analytical philosopher Crispin Wright is going to walk 268 miles in 20 days and respond to questions from a list selected by benefactors. […]

Jul, 02

Denis Diderot in the TLS

I have an article in the May 6 Times Literary Supplement on Denis Diderot’s life and philosophy. The article is available to subscribers online here: Moi and Lui and a Beehive. This excerpt covers some […]

May, 09

Diderot, 25 Years On

From 1772 or so, some haunting words of Diderot’s that spring up almost from nowhere in the middle of his thoughts on physiology, including a grim paraphrase of Cicero’s old maxim: I shall not know […]

May, 05


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