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Benny Shanon: The Antipodes of the Mind

Benny Shanon is an Israeli cognitive psychologist who has taken the psychoactive hallucinogen ayahuasca well over one hundred times. His book The Antipodes of the Mind: Charting the Phenomenology of the Ayahuasca Experience is a scholarly attempt […]

Oct, 21

Stanley Cavell and Timothy Williamson: Must We Mean What We Say? And How?

This is an extension of earlier thoughts on Wittgenstein, and particularly about how philosophers think of meaning and to what extent culture gets involved in it. I want to contrast Stanley Cavell, for whom culture […]

Oct, 11

More Carnap and Some Raymond Smullyan

Rudolf Carnap, what a card. Eric Schliesser sums it up with a reference to Carnap’s infamous “The Elimination of Metaphysics“: In the history of philosophy, “the nothing itself nothings,” has, of course, a dubious status as […]

Oct, 08

Alasdair MacIntyre on Freud: A More-than-Scientific Unification of Concepts

As a follow-up to Ernest Gellner’s attack on psychoanalysis, here is Alasdair MacIntyre with a more charitable critique of Freud. Up until the time of After Virtue (still a fascinating book), MacIntyre was a fairly keen observer […]

Oct, 05


On the topic of uncharitability, here’s a pretty good example from mythology expert G.S. Kirk: If I am right, then, the belief in mythical thinking directed to visual and figurative objects is a hangover from the […]

Sep, 26

Ernest Gellner on Words and Things: Wittgenstein and Ordinary Language

Ernest Gellner’s Words and Things was Gellner’s scathing attack on ordinary language philosophy. It caused a fuss in 1959 and made Gellner’s name after Gilbert Ryle refused to review it and Bertrand Russell angrily defended […]

Sep, 18

By the Most Violent and Absurd Reasoning

I have long entertained a suspicion with regard to the decisions of philosophers upon all subjects, and found in myself a greater inclination to dispute than assent to their conclusions. There is one mistake to […]

Sep, 15


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