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Otto Dix’s War Sketches

I was lucky enough to see the exhibit of Otto Dix’s paintings in Montreal last year. I previously thought of him as one of the weaker expressionists, being too unsubtle even by their standards (check […]

Mar, 01

NYC Sightings

Two friends, one reading Mason and Dixon, the other with a Trystero tattoo on his right forearm.

Jun, 21

Thomas M. Disch Appendix

In dealing with Disch’s work, there was so much I had to leave out. I finished the article with an even greater respect for Disch’s achievement as well as a sadness that the rawness and […]

Apr, 14

Three Versions of Conservatism

Reductionistic Framework Alert! Since “conservatism” has had such bizarre associations in the United States for a long time now, I thought I’d give brief accounts of the three breeds that I most often think of […]

Dec, 12

Otto Dix’s Doctors

The Met’s “Glitter and Doom” exhibit (I know, sounds like a Barnaby Jones episode) isn’t as impressive as the Dada one at MOMA last year, but I still got a kick out of it. I […]

Jan, 13

Thoughts on Genre: Blogs and Practice

Jul, 25

Galen Strawson and Narrativity

Nov, 23


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