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Grondin on Gadamer

“Working out appropriate projections, anticipatory in nature, to be confirmed ‘by the things’ themselves, is the constant task of understanding” (Gadamer). This quotation does not fit the typical picture of Gadamer. His hermeneutic position is […]

Jul, 01

Erich Auerbach: Mimesis 1

Dec, 12

Denis Diderot: Rameau’s Nephew

(This etext of Rameau’s Nephew seems to be an adequate translation, and it’s a short piece.) I’ve sat on this one for a bit because it is such a strange book, and I fear that […]

Aug, 14

Shaviro on Schumpeter

Aug, 05

Robert Musil and Walter Rathenau

Nov, 15

The Confusions of Young Toerless, Robert Musil (pt 1: Autobiography)

Nov, 27

The Book of Franza, Ingeborg Bachmann

May, 26


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