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What’s Wrong with this Picture?

From the introduction to Steven Moore’s The Novel: In the early 1990s I was an editor at Dalkey Archive Press, which specialized in what one bookseller disparaged as “egghead” fiction. The most difficult and demanding […]

Sep, 26

About David Auerbach

I live in New York with several thousand books. I am a writer and software engineer. I have contributed to the Times Literary Supplement, The Nation, n+1, Bookforum, Triple Canopy, The Quarterly Conversation, and elsewhere. Literature and […]

May, 15

John Cheever

So help me God it gets more and more preposterous, it corresponds less and less to what I remember and what I expect as if the force of life were centrifugal and threw one further […]

Apr, 14

Jules Feiffer: Backing Into Forward, A Memoir

There is no mention of I Want to Go Home in this book.1 Tantrum ____________________ 1 As much as I love Feiffer’s drawing, The Great Comic Book Heroes, and Little Murders, there has always seemed […]

Mar, 09

Maryla Jonas Plays Chopin

One of the loveliest (but also melancholic) renditions of anything I’ve ever heard, from the underrecorded and neglected Maryla Jonas. It’s only 2 minutes; give it a listen. Mazurka Op. 68 #3 From a Time […]

Jan, 18

Matthew Wilder on Renata Adler on Pauline Kael

Absolutely the best moment of the dustup when Renata Adler nitpicked Pauline Kael to death (or at least to boredom). February 5, 1981 To the Editors: I am writing to protest in the strongest possible […]

Jan, 06

Russian Revolution Quotes

Some great quotes from Orlando Figes’ history of the Russian Revolution (endorsed by Communist Eric Hobsbawm, no less!). Oh, how [the Soviet leaders of the February 1917 revolution] feared the masses! As I watched our […]

Dec, 29


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