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Nabokov succinctly captures the two sides of cynicism–one jaded and pessimistic, the other selfish and contemptuous–in the person of the sadistic Axel Rex: On such occasions Rex could talk endlessly, indefatigably, inventing stories about non-existent […]

Jun, 03

From Nabokov’s “Inspiration”

Here he selects a couple American stories that he adores and picks a particular passage filled with sine qua non inspiration: Examples are the stained-glass windows of knowledge. From a small number of A-plus stories […]

Oct, 19

Richard Hughes: A High Wind in Jamaica

Once fully convinced of this astonishing fact, that she was now Emily Bas-Thornton (why she inserted the “now she did not know, for she certainly imagined no transmigrational nonsense of having been any one else […]

Oct, 29

Machine Translation

Jan, 24

Werfel, Zweig, Yesterday, Tomorrow

Dec, 09

“The Invention of Morel”, Adolfo Bioy Casares

May, 11

American Writers of the 1950′s

Apr, 21


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