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Inquest on Left-Brained Literature

Excuse me while I get all Franco Moretti on you readers here. I work among engineers, and many of them are voracious readers who, nonetheless, have little connection to any prevailing literary trends. Rather, there […]

Jun, 25

Hiroshi Teshigahara: The Face of Another

Mar, 13

RIP Derek Bailey and Hugh Davies

Dec, 26

2005 Music Wrap-up

Dec, 22

Vijay Prashad: The Karma of Brown Folk

Dec, 10

Aleksandr Sokurov: The Sun

Oct, 12

Denis Diderot: Rameau’s Nephew

(This etext of Rameau’s Nephew seems to be an adequate translation, and it’s a short piece.) I’ve sat on this one for a bit because it is such a strange book, and I fear that […]

Aug, 14


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