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A Scene from Miklos Jancso’s Red Psalm

I’ve always thought of Jancso as one of the very few filmmakers, along with Godard, who could turn abstract ideas into visual sequences that could be absorbed without requiring viewers to engage in theorizing themselves. […]

Sep, 27

Miklos Jancso: The Lord’s Lantern in Budapest

And then there’s this puzzler. Made in 1999 after a long break, this film sees Jancso and longtime writer Gyula Hernadi abandoning any indicators of their previous, consistent style. Most notably, there are no long […]

Nov, 14

Miklos Jancso: God Walks Backwards

Nov, 13

Miklos Jancso: Winter Wind (Sirokko)

Jancso is already in my pantheon of genius directors, all the more from coming out of the backwaters of Eastern Europe under Communism; I can’t think of another of his contemporaries that even approaches him. […]

Nov, 07

Bela Tarr: Satantango

Jan, 12

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Mar, 22


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