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Donald Philip Verene: Philosophical Rhetoric

In the context of an excellent article on Ernesto Grassi and Henry Johnstone (thanks A): Narrative is the speech of memory. Philosophies are essentially narratives. All great works of philosophy simply tell the reader what […]

May, 10

Southland Tales

What an awesome disaster of a movie. Panned at Cannes, left for dead by Sony, eventually raking in $300K on an $18 million budget and forcing a promise from Richard Kelly that he will be […]

Mar, 18

Walser on Kleist

A different side of Walser altogether: What he writes makes him grimace: his creations miscarry. Toward autumn he is taken ill. He is amazed at the gentleness which now comes over him. His sister travels […]

Sep, 28

Borges: The House of Asterion

Of Mirrors and the Labyrinth, quoted by Art of Memory, made me remember that crucial Borges story that is not as well-known as some, “The House of Asterion.” It is one of Borges’s more explicit […]

Aug, 19

Private Language

Suddenly I snap my fingers several times and laugh. What the hell was this! Ha! I imagined I had found a new word. I sit up in bed and say, It’s not found in the […]

Jul, 25

Grondin on Gadamer

“Working out appropriate projections, anticipatory in nature, to be confirmed ‘by the things’ themselves, is the constant task of understanding” (Gadamer). This quotation does not fit the typical picture of Gadamer. His hermeneutic position is […]

Jul, 01

Jerry Fodor on Galen Strawson on Consciousness

Seven points me to Jerry Fodor’s assessment of Strawson’s plainly named Consciousness and Its Place in Nature: Does Physicalism Entail Panpsychism?. Some very hasty thoughts on the following: There are three philosophical principles to which […]

May, 18


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