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Xenakis’s Rebonds

Feldman: Do you think that some memories are better than other memories? I mean like in psychoanalysis: one goes there to free one-self of the memories that makes it impossible to live in reality, and […]

May, 02

Iannis Xenakis

It closes in just a couple days, but I loved the Xenakis Exhibit at the Drawing Center. Being able to look at the scores and plans while listening to the relevant pieces (on complimentary iPod!) […]

Apr, 04

Iannis Xenakis: Free Stochastic Music By Computer

Jun, 21

Feldman and Xenakis, Together at Last

A very entertaining conversation between the two, probably after having drunk too much coffee. Two main points of interest: (1) They spend much of it talking past one another and seeming as incompatible as their […]

Feb, 02


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