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Cultural Illogic: David Golumbia and The Cultural Logic of Computation

David Golumbia does not like computers. Toward the end of The Cultural Logic of Computation, after lumping computers and the atom bomb into a single “Pandora’s Box” of doom, he observes: The Germans relied on […]

Jul, 19

Hobbes on Hopes and Fears

The object of hope is an apparent good; the object of fear, an apparent evil. Whence the hoped-for good that is expected to come to us we never perceive with security; for if we so […]

Aug, 11

Jeffrey Collins on Mark Lilla

From the July 18, 2008 TLS: Several German thinkers produced by interwar Germany cast a shadow over The Stillborn God. Lilla’s account of the varied political implications of anthropological, cosmological and Gnostic conceptions of God […]

Aug, 02

Carl Schmitt

Jun, 11

Bela Tarr: Satantango [3]

Feb, 11

The Return of Philip Latinowicz, Miroslav Krleza

May, 18

The Melancholy of Resistance, Laszlo Krasznahorkai

Apr, 10


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