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Grondin on Gadamer

“Working out appropriate projections, anticipatory in nature, to be confirmed ‘by the things’ themselves, is the constant task of understanding” (Gadamer). This quotation does not fit the typical picture of Gadamer. His hermeneutic position is […]

Jul, 01

Richard Rorty, 1931-2007

Here I was about to write on Dante, and I hear that Rorty has passed away. Rorty is such a paradoxical and multifaceted figure that his death gives me cause to ponder my own philosophical […]

Jun, 09

Carl Schmitt

Jun, 11

J.M. Coetzee: Slow Man

Jan, 26

Or Lay Myself Down By Sorrow’s Side

Aug, 02

Brett Bourbon: Finding a Replacement for the Soul, cont.

Mar, 27

Brett Bourbon: Finding a Replacement for the Soul

Mar, 13


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