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Epictetus’ Epigraph to Tristram Shandy

Ταρασσει τοὐϚ Ἀνϑρώπους οὐ τὰ Πράγματα, αλλα τὰ περι τῶν Πραγμάτων, Δογματα. It  is  not  events [pragmata] themselves that  trouble  people, but  their  judgements [dogmata] about those circumstances. Epictetus, Handbook 5 Pretty funny in context. The […]

Jan, 23

Hegel and Stoicism

I quote Hume and I have nothing more to say. I quote Hegel and I have a lot more to say, and not just because Hegel is something of a bete noire for me: The […]

Jan, 24


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