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Three Versions of Conservatism

Reductionistic Framework Alert! Since “conservatism” has had such bizarre associations in the United States for a long time now, I thought I’d give brief accounts of the three breeds that I most often think of […]

Dec, 12

Hermann Broch: Geist und Zeitgeist

This essay was written in 1934: Broch is in Austria and Germany, the world is falling apart around him, and he places the blame on positivism? (He means it in the secularist sense, and he […]

Mar, 09

Hegel’s Conservatism (and McGoohan’s Too)

Again on the subject of Hegel’s conservatism. I’m not really trying to convince anyone here, only to provide a verbal formulation for those who already suspect deep in their hearts that something about Hegel is […]

Mar, 05

The Basic Conservatism of Hegel

The final message of Hegelianism, therefore, is not the opposition between Reason and an unreasonable world, but contemplation of the world as a priori reasonable. We do not know what parts of the existing world […]

Feb, 05


Sep, 16

A Note on Peter Cook

Feb, 28

Thomas Frank: What’s the Matter with Kansas?

Jan, 09


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