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Ah Cheng on Writing

Great interview. Oriental Outlook: But we haven’t seen you write any commercial films. Ah Cheng: The directors haven’t asked me to. If they asked me, I’d do it. But would the movie sell? It’s not […]

Nov, 03

Notes on Roberto Bolaño: 2666

Okay, let’s do this. Here’s the first sentence in the book: An excerpt from “The Part About the Crimes” first appeared in Vice. And with that preview, let’s begin. When I reviewed The Savage Detectives, […]

Dec, 16

Gene Wolfe: The Book of the New Sun

I’ve been meaning to write on this series/book for years, but because I’m less than enthusiastic about it, I haven’t quite had the impetus. Thinking back on it now, there are striking bits and pieces […]

Nov, 23

J.M. Coetzee: Slow Man

Jan, 26

John Crowley: Great Work of Time

Sep, 26

Sci-Fi Novels for Liberals

Feb, 23

Three Versions of Politics

Jan, 03


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