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Inquest on Left-Brained Literature

Excuse me while I get all Franco Moretti on you readers here. I work among engineers, and many of them are voracious readers who, nonetheless, have little connection to any prevailing literary trends. Rather, there […]

Jun, 25

The Books on the (Finnegans) Wake

I was asked today about contemporary reaction to Finnegans Wake when it was published, and I had to say that I didn’t think that there was much of one. Borges dismissed it as incomprehensible while […]

Jun, 04

Harold Brodkey

Jonathan Baskin assesses Harold Brodkey in Bookforum. For however obscure Brodkey is now, I remember his Vintage Contemporaries paperbacks–the first collection and then the big one–as two books that were everpresent in the small fiction […]

Jan, 24

Samuel Delany: The Motion of Light in Water

Nov, 06

Thomas Bernhard: Extinction

Jul, 07

Bohumil Hrabal: Too Loud a Solitude

Jun, 27

Thomas Frank: What’s the Matter with Kansas?

Jan, 09


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