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Rebecca West on Sentimentality

But the sentimental artist is becoming nothing, he has ears, he has eyes, he is being intelligent, he is playing a game, he is moving certain objects according to certain rules in front of spectators. […]

Jun, 24

Musil on Writing and Ideas

13 August 1910. Before I went to sleep, one or two other things occurred to me about my way of working (in the novellas). What matters to me is the passionate energy of the idea. […]

Dec, 17

Robert Musil: Black Magic

I’ve quoted from it before, but it’s always worthy. Life is living: you cannot describe it to someone who does not know it. It is friendship and enmity, enthusiasm and disenchantment, peristalsis and ideology. Thinking […]

Oct, 16

Gregor von Rezzori: The Snows of Yesteryear

[The German is Blumen im Schnee, which sounds better to me.] Cassandra’s superstitious awe of the reality of letters, and her ultimate and voluntary rejection of their decipherment, originated in a much more archaic insight. […]

Mar, 31

Sentiment and Kitsch

Jan, 12


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