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Further Last Thoughts on Roberto Bolano’s 2666

The last section is about Archimboldi, the mysterious writer who the academics were chasing after way back at the start of the book, and who has not been of much significance since then. Bolano explicitly […]

Jul, 09

Last thoughts on Bolano’s 2666

I let the book sit in my head for a while before writing about the last two sections because Bolano piles up a lot of fairly disparate material in the last two sections, and it’s […]

Jun, 07

More Notes on Roberto Bolano’s 2666

(See part one.) Even as the second part (about Amalfitano, a peripheral character in the first section) begins, Bolano is already undermining the first section. In the story of pharmacist/teacher/literary enthusiast Amalfitano, citizen of Santa […]

Jan, 18

Notes on Roberto Bolaño: 2666

Okay, let’s do this. Here’s the first sentence in the book: An excerpt from “The Part About the Crimes” first appeared in Vice. And with that preview, let’s begin. When I reviewed The Savage Detectives, […]

Dec, 16

Lucretius on Apprehension

From De Rerum Natura (Rolfe Humphries translation): Or is this More probable?–that in a single time, No longer than it takes an eye to blink Or mouth to utter half a syllable, Below this instant, […]

Apr, 16


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