Scarry: It is to laugh

I did, anyway. Thanks to MG and JBF.

Dec, 22

Wanting it All

Quoth Peter DeVries: “”My secret ambition is to sell a million copies of every book, and then also have a small, select cult of aficionados who look down on my mass audience.”

Dec, 20

Notes on Roberto Bolaño: 2666

Okay, let’s do this. Here’s the first sentence in the book: An excerpt from “The Part About the Crimes” first appeared in Vice. And with that preview, let’s begin. When I reviewed The Savage Detectives, […]

Dec, 16

Collingwood and Sellars

This impression of a difference between the ideals of a scientific vocabulary and a philosophical is only deepened by observing that many of the greatest philosophers, especially those who by common consent have written well […]

Dec, 10


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